Life is here and now

It is easy to be thrown off of balance with so much that is beyond our control in life. Off balance, you may feel like you are teetering on the edge, uncertain of how to find your way back. When I lost my beloved wolf dog after discovering too late that he had a devastating illness, I felt the earth fall away from beneath my feet. When my husband and I moved from our home where I had shared many precious hours with my Okami, it was as though my body became untethered from the earth altogether. I became a restless spirit, floating, my body carried by the whimsy of air currents.

How do you feel connection and grounding when you have lost your grounding? Maybe you have lost someone close to you and you leave the place where that connection was born?

Yoga can be a path to balance. Breath is a way to return to the deepest part of the body where all memories are held, from this life and who knows how many others.

Sometimes, my heart feels so sad that I am afraid to breath deeply enough to travel to this place, but I am often rewarded. My heart opens so wide that love comes rushing in. Love balances the pain and helps bring me back to the earth. This practice helps me to stand firmly on two feet, knowing the earth can and will hold me up.


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  1. courtenay willis says:

    beautiful, Marieke! I love how love trumps sadness … this piece brings so much hope … for balance and healing.


    1. marieke says:

      Thank you, dearest Courtenay! All you need is love ❤

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