Note: I am happy to organize an online class for you if you are interested in studying with me but not able to join in person. Please send an email to [email protected] to for inquiries.

Restorative Yoga

The Yoga Room ~ Monday evenings from 5h30 to 6h30pm


Restorative Yoga employs props to allow for a ceasing of effort and soothing of the nervous system. In Restorative Yoga, the body, mind, and spirit experience a release of tension. In the classes I offer, we begin with a centering practice, the setting of intention, and gentle stretches to invite us to be present with an open heart and mind. I then gently guide you in and our of each pose. A unique element of my class is that I perform mantra and original music on harmonium, ukulele, and guitar during each restorative yoga pose, followed by natural quiet. This allows time for the body and mind to be fully immersed and relaxed to integrate the benefits from each pose.

What to bring:

1-2 Bolsters

2 Blocks

1-2 blankets

1 Yoga mat

Also recommended (but not required):

Strap, eye pillow, extra blankets, sandbag, open mind and heart

Anusara Yoga


I have been studying mantra for leading kirtan with teachers from Ireland, Germany, Belgium, and the United States. I am classically trained on the piano and have studied music for several decades. I perform music on the harmonium, guitar, and baritone ukulele and also bring handheld rhythm instruments for those who wish to join in the musical vibration with voice and rhythm.